Summer Music Playlist for The Juicy Joint for RA

Music– My Drug Choice for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Summer Arthritis Playlist (Part I) 

1. Starfucker – Medicine
2. Robin Schulz – Waves
3. Niki & The Dove – Mother’s Protect
4. Ellie Goulding - High for This (Weekend Cover)
5. Niki & The Dove - Love to the Test
6. Lennon and Maisy – I Won’t Give Up
7. Lennon and Maisy – Ukulele Cover
8. Avril Lavigne- Here’s to Never Growing Up
9. Justin Timberlake - mirror
10. P!nk – Just Give Me a Reason


1.  Starfucker – Medicine (click me)
This is a a song to lighten the mood during Humira injection time for my RA. This is never a fun process, but if you can listen to some applicable jams while stabbing yourself with a needle, all the better. Thank you to Portland, Oregon’s local band for this great song.

2. Robin Schulz – Waves
Happiness is something you have to fight for when living with a chronic illness, such as RA. It’s always nice to picture yourself without the disease. This song reminds me of the way I feel when I’m just floating in the ocean’s waters, the satisfaction of being pulled into the water’s waves and being turned, feeling like you can’t breath and then you come up for a gasp of air. It’s about relief. Difficulties are temporary. Remember to come up to breathe.

3. Niki & The Dove - Mother’s Protect
This song reminds me of the hurricane last fall, when Keene, NH was without power. My pain was an 8 from the pressure of the rain. Even though I felt horrible, and looked the worst I possibly could, Andrew looked me in the eyes and told me I was pretty for the first time. This song reminds me of how much I miss him this summer while I am away in Oregon.

4.  High for This (Weekend Cover) – Ellie Goulding
This song reminds me of the importance of the chronic illness community and supporting one another. We don’t need protection, instead we need to protect ourselves from addiction in the lowest times, even when we have tasted the  numbness of pain and an intense sense of happiness.
When she says, “hold out your hand, I’m right here”, all I can think of is being in a bleach white room with a stuffy bed and scratchy curtain to divide the hospital room in two, waiting for the news to come. I picture the doctor leaving, with his white jacket flowing behind him and my partner looking over at me to comfort and help me make a decision.When she sings,

Trust me boy, you’ll want to be high for this. -Ellie Goulding

it makes me sad knowing that there will be some things in my future that will be painful, that I will have no control over, and that I will have to rely on dangerous, trial drugs for.

Knowing that a loved one will be there for me to help me come out of my comfort zone and help me overcome the emotional pain, alone, brings me comfort. I feel like a long term ginnea pig that no one will ever be able to actually cure. This makes me sad.

5. Love to the Test – Niki & The Dove
“Are you ready for this woman?” More like, are you ready for this strong, independent, intelligent woman? Go out there and share your story and knowledge with your summer romance. Spread Arthritis awareness.

6. Lennon and Maisy - “I Won’t Give Up” Cover by Jason Mraz
Remember, kids get arthritis and other autoimmune diseases every single day. RA can be disrupting from your romantic life, friendships, or goals and dreams.  You’re constantly disrupted by aches, pains, doctors appointments, and more. Never, Never, Never give up– it is too easy. Do not take the easy route. No matter where you are, you know that I will not give up on your hopes, desires, and wishes. Share them with me and I promise I will do everything I can to help you reach your goals.

7. Lennon and Maisy – Ukelele Cover
A happy summer song that should allow you to appreciate the small things and keep things simple. There are always different paths to choose, especially when choosing medication. Sometimes, you have to look at the details in list view to keep the decision process simple. Just as the girls sing,

Every question has a simple answer, maybe two or three. -Lennon and Maisy

Keep in mind that the medications you decide on do not always have to be forever, nor just temporary. Choose to live the day simply, day by day, and listen to this sweet music to lift your spirits!

8. Avril Lavigne- Here’s to Never Growing Up
Many times I feel like I’m an old woman in a young woman’s body with RA. You have so many responsibilities that most people do not have– taking your injections before your second period class, checking your blood sugar on bathroom breaks, carrying meltable braces in your back pocket, or carrying necessary paperwork to carry your medications onto the plane. This song reminds me that those are responsibilities, but they do not have to take over your life. It’s ok to tell Arthritis to kiss your ass.

We’ll be running down the street, yelling kiss my ass. -Avril Lavigne

This reminds me that despite everything, I need to embrace my youth and just have fun when I can. Don’t let your Arthritis, Lupus, Chrones, Diabetes, etc. get you down. Dance crazy in the hallway to the bathroom, sing loud on the street, spin around in a field to your headphones, and jump in the puddles on the way home from work. This one’s for you!!

9. Mirror – Justin Timberlake
Where do I begin with this song…It means a few different things to me. First, it reminds me of seeing a side to myself that I envy– the side that is always temporary; the side that I don’t know how long will be around for. It is the happy side, the party side, the social side, but never the suicide.

Secondly, it reminds me of my soul mate. The person who reflects all the things that I want to be, but simultaneously builds my self esteem by embracing and appreciating the times I can go out and get a little crazy. Thank you, Andrew. You are my everything.

10. P!nk – Just Give Me a Reason ft. Nate Ruess
This song really speaks to me. Arthritis often feels like it has stole many things from my life. This song makes me reflect the hardships of the disease. In particular, maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself while trying to keep a healthy relationship with someone else, someone you love dearly. It is amazing how I can lye in bed with someone I love and feel so close to them and yet, I can be miles away from my own soul’s happiness. This song is more about having a relationship with myself– a relationship that takes the most difficult road for a reason we do not always understand. It is as if we are backwards in every way and must take the long, windy, bent road to happiness.

I get mad at myself, depressed, and even sorry for myself and I always want to know why, why me? Why am I the damaged goods? The lyrics,

Just give me a reason, just a little bit enough. -P!nk

also makes me sad knowing that we will never know why we were bestowed with the hardships that come with RA. I would love for that one second to know what it is like to be without a chronic illness. What it would be like to go three months without catching a cold. I feel “bent” and sorry for myself, but know that it is better to be bent than broken.

I am fortunate for the abilities I do have and the many things others do not have the physical capability to do. Remember, you are not broken, you are just simply bent. You must always work towards loving yourself so that you may love others, and vice versa.


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