Read about how Rheumatoid Arthritis affects everything from social life to beneath the sheets! Learn how I overcome sticky situations to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle. Here is where it get’s juicy! Enjoy!

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A is for Alterations to your Diet

What is better than fruit yogurts, ground beef, and applesauce? These alterations will teach you how I keep rich flavors and increase my energy levels, but dump worthless foods!


B is for Beer Olympics

How much drinking is too much? What damages can occur while taking medications? Learn how I socialize in heavy drinking environments.



C is for Coping with Chronic Pain 

Having RA means being in pain mostly all of the time. Some days are better than others, but every day I go to my few comfort items to help me, physically and emotionally when there is no one around to help. 

D is for dogs

How dogs can ease your pain, emotionally and physically. Amanda Bennett, sufferer of RA, uses a service dog, “Zebbie” for daily tasks. Learn the process of training for a service dog!



F is for Finger Functions with RA

Learn how to maintain a healthy sexual relationship with yourself by exploring your body and using lotions, potions, and toys to intensify and multiply orgasms!



K is for Krill Oil Supplements to treat RA

 A complex study was conducted to determine the difference in health benefits of fish oil and krill oil. Through a general description of the chemical makeup, you will learn which is better!


M is for Modeling with RA

I explained to the photographer who I really was. Being beautiful for me, means being comfortable and revealing who I really am.



P is for the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Learn how to choose comfortable and supportive shoes without eliminating style! Learn the important process behind choosing a shoe.



S is for Swimming: A Low Impact Sport

Why is swimming so popular today? What makes it “low-impact”? Learn what aquatic exercise tools are and how to use them in a half-hour swim routine!



X is for X-RAY

Learn how technology is greatly decreasing travel distance and the amount of time spent in medical facilities. You’ll be amazed!



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